2020 Decoration Trends for Nursery Rooms

With the Scandinavian style, children's rooms in 2020 are becoming simpler, more innovative, more peaceful, and unique ... But what are the key points of this style in which we are both fascinated by its beauty and fantasy?

Soft Shades, White Colors and use of Wood

We can say that the popular theme for 2020 is light blue and powder pink, it is both functional and easy to incorporate to add this theme to children's bedrooms. Furnishings in this style is typically made of white silk matt painted or raw natural wood. Furniture is also paired with shades, such as light blue, powder pink, light green, and yellow.

White and soft colors offer a clean, clearer understanding of the room. If you choose light colors, you can buy many proper pieces from several children's furniture suppliers. Transitioning to the color of textile items such as curtains, pillowcases, bedspreads to the color of your room would make your task simpler.

Ensure that You have a Theme and/or Concept

The most critical step to enhance the design in children's rooms is to "have a theme." Whether you choose a  musician theme, an astronaut, or a princess ... If you move following a concept, you will create a beautiful harmony. Bring the idea to the accessories and try to select furniture, play tent, or wallpaper that amplifies the theme. It would be exhausting to use all of our ideas in the very same place. For this purpose, you should select the main aspect and then the necessary decorative elements to complement it.

For example, if your daughter's theme is stars, let's use soft colors like pink powder to make it a bit more romantic.

We can introduce the very same concept to the boys' rooms. Let the shade we're using this time be blue. Our furniture lines are going to be straighter and more masculine, we will complement our star theme with our pillows and toys. Seeking accessories in boys' bedrooms has always been tougher than in girls' rooms. For this purpose, wallpapers with animal patterns, pillows, and paintings may inspire us. Through combining, you can choose any shade of blue.

DIY Nursery Room Decorations

Through the increasingly common usage of the Internet, it is very convenient to access knowledge and skills. This circumstance is drawing the attention of those who are interested in the "DIY Fashion" concept. By using the do-it-yourself trend that has been very popular recently, you can have a financial gain and give your child a meaningful gift that you created with your own hands.

DIY Cloud Patterns on Walls

The arrangements created on the walls of the living room and the children's room in recent years have been quite impressive. Wallpapers and stickers are also used for these displays. Although such solutions are a little pricey, you can consider decorating your walls with your own tools.  If you're tired of the blank paint of the children's room, you can create a better look by creating white or different colored clouds.

Required Materials

  • White painting
  • Brush
  • Template of cloud

You may use any cloud template size, big or small, for this application. The main thing here is that this model has a structure that does not leak paint onto the surface.

Credit: Pinterest @blogher

  • First, put your cloud template neatly on the wall. To paint easily, you can use a tape to stick the template to the wall.
  • Then dip the brush in the paint and use this brush to move over the template. 
  • You will see a lovely cloud pattern on the wall as you remove the design template.
  • In this way, you can continue by creating clouds on the whole wall or just a few sections of it.

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