5 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Birthday Cake

For a birthday surprise or just please our loved ones, we might like to bake cakes with our own hands. We can be hesitant about the pastry decorations we create at home. You can comfortably decorate your cakes without the need for professional equipment with the simple decoration ideas that we will mention to you below.

Fruit slices for adding freshness and color

Fruits can be the simplest and healthiest decorative option for your cakes. By using your favorite fruit slices in your cake or by using a different fruit with a matching color spectrum, you can decorate your cake easily and with elegance. Our advice is to use the fruits that are in season to create a vibrant arrangement. It will be an elegant form of decoration to thinly slice the fruits and place them on your cake.

For the ones in love with every form of the chocolate

Chocolate is the second and most favored decoration. You will find, and use directly, ready-made chocolates like chocolate chips, chocolate buttons, and candies. By picking the chocolates you buy in diverse colors, you can make various shapes according to your creativity by playing with the colors. Or you can chop ready-made chocolate molds with a large knife for a more artistic decoration and use them on the cake dispersedly. You will achieve this by using a combination of white and black chocolate if you choose to add color. And even consider melting it to add more freestyle.

Buying Cake decorations is always an option

The best option for others might be to buy and use ready-made cake decorations. There are hundreds of decorations that are fully prepared and in numerous shapes. You can make colorful cakes with them. You can divide the cake surface into many sections using your imagination and render multiple designs using different styles. Or, with a colorful pattern, you can cover the entire cake. You can use it in colorful sweets available in most places if you do not want to purchase packaged cake decorations. By having a birthday backdrop that matches these rainbow colors, you can also complement the cake and decoration.

Using whipped cream as a decorative piece

To decorate the cake, you can use cream. If you are afraid that the use of cream involves specialized pastry equipment, you can like the ideas we have. For instance, by using a freezer bag, you can whip your cream easily. By opening a small hole in the bottom corner, you can make tiny balls on your cake. You may color your cream with food coloring and make fun cake decorations with various colors.

As a different idea, make patterns with random upward motions with the reverse surface of the spoon after thoroughly covering the cake with cream. By using ingredients such as hazelnut and peanut powder, we suggest that you improve both the flavor and appearance. You can use coconut, almond, or cinnamon.

A cake topper to crown your design

As a finishing touch, you can decorate any cake with a custom wooden cake topper. In this way, even the simplest birthday cake will become more stylish as well as personal. A wooden birthday cake topper will also be environmentally friendly and safe for kids to use on top of their cake.

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