Having a baby is one of the indefinable moments of life for parents. While new parents are counting every week and month passes from the very first day, throwing a 1st birthday party is an important milestone for families. Regardless of your budget, there are many alternatives and creative solutions to organize a first birthday party. We will try to explain the steps you need to consider when planning a birthday party. By simple touches, you can come up with a birthday concept that is both simple yet pretty and elegant. 

Choosing the concept for the First Birthday Party

The trick is to decide the concept you are attempting to create and then, other topics such as venue, party supplies, first-year gifts will become clear accordingly. Here, when deciding the concept for your child, you need to pay close attention to the color you pick. The color tones used in the party supplies should align with your child's character and the message you wish to deliver. Then the concept of first birthday party whether it will be a unicorn or cowboy, or superhero will be decided more easily. Do not stress yourself with budget planning. After you decide your first birthday concept, there plenty of choices for everyone.

Choosing the 1st Birthday Party venue

Bear in mind that the venue you choose will not consist of just tables and chairs. Considering that all guests will bring their children, the proper area designated for children especially for the age group of yours will be a crucial factor.

Special Decors for 1st Birthday Party

Try to choose a venue that has good lighting and with a blank and proper background to place your first birthday backdrop and banners. To order a customized backdrop and banner you can visit our products as well. This spot will be the busiest one during the party for taking photos with everyone. So, try to visualize this area when you are looking at places your birthday venue.

Another popular birthday party supplies along with birthday banners for your lovely baby boy or girl can be using customized birthday cake toppers. This will both attract your baby’s attention as well as creating a nice composition for your birthday photos.

 Along with your birthday concept for your baby girl or baby boy’s birthday, little gifts that can be in harmony with your color themes such as customized diaper cover and leg warmers can be both fun details to be remembered and souvenirs to be given your guests.

Or you can create a theme based on customized birthday shirts or hats for your baby and as well as for guests’ babies can be a fun activity and a goodie that will be remembered.

First Birthday Party Invitations

Lastly, we can look at another important detail of the first birthday planning.

Prior to choosing the venue, you can estimate the number of guests. Based on your first birthday budget, you can decide whether to do this before or after. Because the venue will be determined by the number of guests. Or vice versa. In any case, with a nice invitation particularly online invitation cards during these days will be a useful choice. Check out our birthday card design from our freebies.

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