New Perspective: Gender-Neutral Nursery Decors

You may not have learned your baby's gender yet. Maybe you are very impatient to start preparations and you have already started the decoration and clothes shopping. Maybe you left learning the gender at the last minute or just got bored with the idea of making a blue or pink nursery.

A gender-neutral baby room can be designed with all the needs of the baby whose gender is not yet known. You can use comfortable and nostalgic items in a room that can be colorful and accessorized but can give an extremely spacious look.


Abstract Shapes and Wooden Decorations

You can add abstract shape paintings to the wall, or you can paint the wall with these shapes by yourself. While it will be a cool outlook, if you can do it a cheerful way, it may remind the ambiance of kindergarten that trying to teach different geometric shapes to the kid.

Also, you can use a wooden name sign or letter sign to give a more rustic look and of course to personalize the room for your kid. (This can be possible if you decided to name of course)

For more generic wood decors, animal-figure wood ornaments may be a good choice to hang to the wardrobe or the ceiling.


Nostalgic Touches

A wooden, nostalgic crib can be an extremely stylish and comfortable decor and it will complement the atmosphere. You can hang a baby mobile in geometrical forms right above the bed so that it goes well with the other geometric shapes in the wall painting or elsewhere you used. You can create a toy storage area with retro baskets around the bed.

A wing chair with a geometric patterned fabric can be installed right across the sleeping area, thus creating a space for the mother while breastfeeding.


Chalkboard Wall and White Walls

A wall with chalkboard paint can be designed for the baby to apply their own wall decoration ideas when the hand is holding a pencil. In this way, a creative idea can emerge that the baby can paint the walls as they wish. You can hang a frame with the alphabet on the wall painted on the blackboard. It was also a clever idea for the baby to learn letters.

Water green or water blue curtains can be suitable for other walls with white. You can also use thick curtains when the baby is asleep, without neglecting to let the daylight enter the room as much as possible.

Highchair Tutus for Adding Color

Even though highchair tutu is generally used as a birthday party décor, there is no limit. To add more color and spice up the ambiance, you can use a colorful farm animal birthday tutu to decorate a box, chair, or baby crib.


Final Touches

The color and pattern of the carpet you choose can be in a plain color that will integrate with the blackboard painted wall and cabinet. So, you help to reveal colorful accessories. For the lighting of the room, how would you like to include a large retro-style lamp with soft light?

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