Unicorn Birthday Concept and Decoration Ideas

The Unicorn Birthday Concept, the popular birthday theme for girls, is still loved. Who would not like it! We wish we could see the unicorns. But for now, what we can do is to create a fairytale atmosphere in our home or garden with unicorn birthday decorations. Options are endless and pastel colors of unicorn theme in itself will glam your party venue and you can use unicorn theme products in harmony with your party concept. Not only with party products, but you can also make the birthday girl the favorite girl of the party with the Unicorn birthday outfit. 

Not just a favorite of little girls and teenagers, the unicorn theme is a nice idea for anybody who appreciates all things whimsical and bright. Discover unicorn party ideas for desserts, decor, gift bags, crafts, and more for a birthday celebration or some other sort of event.

Room Décor

First, start designing from our room or wherever the party takes place. You can use the Unicorn Birthday Backdrop to completely change the ambiance of the room. Changing the walls will make your job easier too.

Table Setting

For every theme party, a decent table setting renders a dramatic backdrop, so you should think of your table presentation. Some pink alternatives may not match the color or maybe it can become too pink everywhere, but thanks to the iridescent and gold foil detailed plastic cups and plates you can add some shimmer and sparkle to the ambient.

You can also decorate your chair and birthday table with a high chair tutu made of soft chiffon fabric material. Thus, if your house or the venue you rented is very plain, it will immediately become colorful.

Unicorn Party Birthday Cake

For your birthday cake, you can use any style with pastel colors to match the unicorn party concept. Of course, you can order a custom artisan birthday cake with unicorn figures however, there is an easier and affordable option for this! A unicorn birthday cake topper actually transforms a basic vanilla cake or pastel-colored fondant cake into a unicorn party cake.

Birthday Girl Dress

If you want to make the Birthday Girl feel beautiful and special, you are in the right place! With its pink, yellow, purple, and blue colored tutu material, you can have our Unicorn Birthday Outfit for baby girls just tailored for your child’s name if you wish.

The birthday of your child only will be organized once a year, and so it is so normal that you want to make it as wonderful as possible as a parent. If your little one already decided what theme he or she wants, then it is a lot smoother for your side. And if the concept is a party with a unicorn design, well, you are basically in heaven.

The design of the unicorn party is certainly among the most joyful among other concepts such as cartoon characters (because it is also a symbol that has a good color spectrum)  And furthermore, this theme gives space for all types of inspiration as it almost allows everything to be a part of a rainbow.

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