3 Kid Friendly Fabrics For DIY Face Masks

Face masks have suddenly become a necessity in this time as the COVID19 pandemic still stays as a problem in all parts of the globe. With this kind of environment, most of us have no choice but to adapt in order to stay healthy and fit.

Since surgical masks are now scarce, parents have now become more resourceful with coming up with DIY face masks. Some even had squeezed their creative juices in making them unique and attractive for their kids!

Here are three kid-friendly fabrics you can get to make DIY Face Masks

I. 100% Cotton T-Shirts

Don’t know what to do with your old cotton shirts? You can now put them to good use as your homemade masks. In a study conducted by researchers, 100% cotton filters out 50% - 60% of particles with the same size as the coronavirus. It’s easy to acquire and also the most breathable fabric for your mask!

Image Credits: Unsplash

II. Double Layered Pillowcases

Another great alternative is by using double-layered pillowcases as well. They are highly breathable just like the surgical mask and can filter up to 62% of the particles as stated in another study which is even better than the cotton shirts. Take out those old yet snug pillowcases and rip them to good use!

Image Credits: Unsplash

III. Combination of Cotton and Two Sheets of Chiffon

If you’re not wholly convinced with using cotton alone or even the pillowcases, then you can also add two sheets of chiffon on it. This is by far the most effective fabric combination yet!

Take note that the chiffon should only be made from polyester or spandex. A recent study proved that this filtered out 80% - 90% of similar particles. Pretty amazing right especially that it's almost as effective as any surgical mask!

Image Credits: Unsplash

While DIY face masks have been considered as less effective, they still offer great protection for your family. Handmade items are not only easy to do on your own but also effective. 




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