5 Reasons Why Handcrafted Baby Clothes Are The Best

Looking for bright and playful onesies for your kids? Don’t know where to find a snug pajama for your beauty sleep? Want a sudden pop of color for your wardrobe? With the pandemic going on this 2020, the easiest and safest solution to these questions is online shopping.

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With the rise of technology and mass production, the future of clothing is now just a tap away! However, fast fashion isn’t always what it seems. As big clothing brands turned out to be more problematic, people have come to look back on the thoughtfulness present in handmade clothing brands.
Parents specifically have now turned to handmade clothing when it comes to looking for baby clothes that uphold comfort and safety. Baby clothing stores that focus on creating handcrafted products have a unique and personal process compared to fast fashion brands. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why Handcrafted Baby Clothes Are The Best

I. Handmade clothing materials are carefully chosen

Before the sewing process starts, research is always done first on what kind of materials should be used especially when it’s for babies. Factors like sensitivity to texture, allergies, and purpose of the clothes are carefully considered.

These shops make sure that they only use fabrics that are hypoallergenic, soft, and durable. Not only that, but the handmade baby clothes are always tested for harmful effects as well before they are posted online for selling. Handmade brands are meticulous because their reputation is carried by the quality of their work rather than by their name! 

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II. Designs are unique for each clothing

Handmade clothing designs are works of art and have always been far more thoughtful compared to fast fashion brands. Since most of them are unable to mass-produce, the designs are unique and personal.  

Baby sitting, Baby wearing pink gold personalized dress by KidsFunLand

This little cutie is wearing KidsFunLand's handcrafted and personalized Twinkle Star Pink Gold Birthday outfit!
Most importantly, each handmade clothing is specifically designed with measurements that are comfortable and just right for your baby! Unlike other baby clothes you buy in malls with “one size fits all" tags, handcrafted ones are personalized for the sole comfort of your child.

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III. Handmade clothing for babies are sustainable

Do you ever notice that the clothes you buy from department stores or boutiques often get damaged easily? With handmade clothing, the people behind the sewing create these clothes with a keen eye and are almost perfectionists.

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Handmade clothing brands can’t afford to make mistakes since this will greatly affect their sales, which is why their products are always of high quality. This way, most of their products stay intact for a long time.

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IV. You are supporting small businesses thrive

The usual proprietors for handmade clothing brands are small businesses and if you support them well, you are amplifying the worth of their works to other people! This way quality clothing becomes more accessible and more personal for all.

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V. Handmade clothing for babies have a mother’s touch

Last but definitely not the least, the best baby clothes are always the ones carefully made with love and care. Most of the time, brands focusing on handcrafted products are created by mothers themselves who intimately know the value of high-quality clothes for their children.


A mother’s touch is always the best thing that influences the creation of handmade clothing for babies.

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