7 Best Youtube Channels For New Parents

Parenthood is probably the most underrated and difficult profession in the world. You can’t just simply wing it and expect for the best but you also don’t have the experience and educational background for it. Parenthood is a lifetime passion and while it’s hard, that doesn’t mean you’ll be left groping in the dark for long.

Here are 7 best Youtube channels that can help you out as a newbie parent!


This channel’s content mostly consists of creative skits and parodies that are insanely relatable for moms but they are also famous for their Mom Hacks videos. They produce bite-sized educational videos that present hacks when it comes to budgeting baby equipment, styling your kids, and even arts and crafts! 

This is the perfect channel for you if you want to become a resourceful and creative mom when it comes to your kids. WhatsUpMoms has over 3 million subscribers yet its content is always hilarious and educational. 

Momcom India

Founded by Indian mom, Mansi Payet in 2017, this channel focuses on offering practical tips for new mothers when it comes to breastfeeding, sleeping patterns, and baby training. She also has an extensive playlist for home remedies, baby product reviews, and food recipes! While Mansi Payet is South Asian, her videos are accessible to everyone as she is also fluent in English. 

If you want to go in-depth, Momcom India might just be the perfect fit for you!

The Mom’s View

This channel is founded by five moms who are passionate about parenthood. They share their own struggles and experiences here in this channel giving it a personal touch. Aside from the usual DIYs and parenting techniques, The Mom’s View gives another lens to motherhood that a lot of moms can relate to.

How To Dad

While most parenting channels in Youtube consist of moms, it might surprise you that there’s also a dedicated channel for new dads that just can’t grapple with the mechanics of well...being a dad. The content is downright funny but also very accurate when it comes to the dilemmas of fathers! 

Dad University

For a more comprehensive guide on practical matters, Dad U has a lot to offer in this department. From advice to new fathers, budgeting, discipline, and even managing emotions as a parent! This is a great channel that not only highlights the struggles of dads but also offers solutions for a better home life.


The Parenting Junkie

Another gem in the parenting niche is TPJ as this channel focuses on parenting problems through the lens of psychology, design, and philosophy! Quite interesting right? One of the notable series on this channel is on alternative parenting where they offer different philosophies that tie to parenting. They also have an ongoing series on minimalism when incorporated into home life which aims to educate the parents on this approach.

TED Talks

While TED Talks aren’t really dedicated to parenting videos, there has been a lot of eye-opening content from their platform when it comes to parenting. These talks offer an in-depth analysis of parenting styles and other trends. 

Parenting is not easy but parents can learn a lot more with the experiences of other parents before.  "There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one."// Sue Atkins


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