7 Best ASMR Videos As Lullabies For Your Baby

Most of you would have probably heard of ASMR already as it is gaining a lot of traction from viewers and YouTubers all over the world. And while there seem to be lots of division when it comes to the legitimacy of this kind of art, numerous members of this community have proven that making their babies listen to ASMR had made them sleep peacefully. 

Ironically, most parents have already applied ASMR to their little ones unintentionally. Soft caresses, sing-song whispers, light touches, and focused attention. In fact, there is already a research group that focuses on studying the science behind this phenomenon. 

ASMR just recreates the intimate bond of parents when they are gently taking care of their children. 

Here’s a list of 7 Best ASMR videos as lullabies for your baby!


White noise is also considered as a form of ASMR and when accompanied by soft music, specifically ones that have less sharp tones and has a lower bass. This will incredibly create a mood for your baby's nursery and prep them for a calm and peaceful sleep.

WhispersRed Sleepy Children Series

Emma from WhispersRed has a dedicated ASMR channel that are specifically catered for kids and babies. She also has a lot of videos where she reads a storybook and creative content with her son! Her gentle whispers also makes her videos all the more relaxing to listen to.

 Womb Sounds 

 Another perfect ASMR white noise video is womb sounds! This may seem odd at first but you have to remember that your baby has also been peaceful in your womb for a long time. Playing these sounds while they sleep creates an atmosphere of safety for them. 


ASMR Bakery

This ASMR channel is more focused on trigger sounds that are soft, crinkly, and are not harsh to the ears of your baby. These sounds can soothe them perfectly well (and even you!) 


Underwater Sounds with Lullaby

Like womb sounds, underwater sounds generally have a low bass which sets up a calming effect on the space. Because of its ambient nature, this is usually incorporated in sleep therapy. Match it with soft lullabies and you're baby is ready for bedtime!


Live ASMR with babies

Now these last two videos are not only perfect for your baby but also for you! These mom YouTubers document how they let their baby sleep doing ASMR techniques that you can even personally apply for them! 


ASMR may not be a traditional approach at first but when you think of it closely, we all have been experiencing and doing unintentional ASMR for years! Hopefully, your little one can find these creative videos helpful for them to reach their sweet little dreams.



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