DIY Ideas for School Kids’ Supplies

Back to school presents may include gifts that you can offer to your loved ones or your children on their first day at school. These items will make them happy and motivate them to adapt to school. Unlike ready-made and costly products, DIY back to school presents can also be crafted. In this sense, several possibilities for gifts can be considered. Compared to other presents, crafted presents would be more meaningful as they require physical work. Also, you can select handmade school back to school gifts if you want to try different ideas for your kids, even for yourself :) 

You can arrange these gifts if you like by recycling any object that you do not use. In this way, you will both take benefit of the materials you have in hand and create valuable back to school gifts for your loved ones.


Recycled Jean Book Cover DIY Idea

Credit: Pinterest / @Instructables

The denim book cover, which is a recycled gift concept, is a really practical gift. The fabric you are going to use can be extracted from a pair of jeans that you do not use.  You will create a nice back to school DIY gift and support sustainability in this way. The method of preparing the jean book cover consists of basic steps.

For this, first cut a piece to cover the back and front cover of the notebook or book with the fabric section you choose from the jeans. Do not forget to leave a margin as you may fold this piece inwards. Then, with the assistance of adhesive, buckle the fabric from these edges inwards and patch up to the book.

The decoration you desire can be added with glue to the front cover. Your book cover will then be prepared to be offered to its future owner.

DIY Pencil Case with Zippers

A DIY pencil case that will be extremely useful for kids starting school is our next DIY idea. By attaching all zippers, this pencil case is assembled. This pencil case has a very stylish look, which you can build with only seven zippers.

Merge this pencil box by stitching the zippers’ sides. When you correctly sew the top and bottom parts of the zippers, it will be ready as a handmade pencil case. When using it,  you can open any zipper and put the pens inside.

DIY Pen Box

Credit: Pinterest /

Get a patterned and colorful fabric first of all. Also, you should prepare a thick binding string.

Stitch the two pieces of fabric you have cut into a rectangular shape. Then fold the edge in 1 cm thickness and sew.

The section where we are going to push the connecting string will thus appear. Push the string through this line and tie the ends with a knot.

Finally, DIY drawstring pencil box will take its final form.

The DIY pencil box is a classroom item that kids can use at school regularly. As a back to school gift, this box, in which they can store the colorful pencils they use in the art class, can be a wonderful choice. Crayons or pencils can be stored tidily with this DIY drawstring pencil case.

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