If you wish to throw a great birthday party but do not have a special budget for ornaments, you can make beautiful decorations at home. In this article, we have included handmade birthday decoration ideas that are stylish and easy to prepare for you. Here are our birthday decoration ideas that are both stylish and easy:


Making Letters / Numbers with Crepe Paper

You can make wonderful numbers or letters with this method. The materials you need to make this decoration:

  • One cardboard material (You can get it from the markets.)
  • Crepe paper in the color you want
  • Elastic Band
  • Silicone Gun
  • Silicon

Draw a letter of any size or number on a sheet of cardboard. With a scissor, first cut this letter or number from the edges. The crepe paper is then folded in half and split into small squares. In a zig-zag pattern, fold these square pieces and tie them with a little elastic in the center. As you unlock each layer of these items you have attached, you will get a flower appearance. Attach these tiny crepe paper flowers onto the letter or number you carve in the last step. If you like, you can hang this design on the wall or, by reinforcing its back, you can place it in a corner of a room.

Happy Birthday Sign

Of course, the "happy birthday" sign is the first birthday decor that comes to mind when thinking of planning a birthday party. This ornament that we see hanged in a corner at any birthday party is very easy and inexpensive to design. For this, the materials you need are:

  • White Paper
  • Colorful craft papers
  • Colored rope or ribbon for packing
  • Scissors

The first step you need to do is to layer mask the letters on a white paper to create a "Happy Birthday" message. The goal of creating patterns here is to achieve more desirable outcomes with fewer mistakes. Use these letter patterns to cut colored paper in the shape of letters later. You can put it on thick paper if you use handcrafted paper or use directly colored thick paper to make it thicker. With a colored rope or wrapping ribbon, then strap the letters around. Your "Happy Birthday" message is ready now, and you can place it in the area where the birthday party will take place.

Making Balloon Decors

Among the essential accessories for birthday parties are balloons that have lately been used on almost all special events. But you can introduce a very different vibe to the party atmosphere with the balloon technique that we will discuss here. For the string balloon decor, the supplies you need:

  • Colors of metal or translucent balloons
  • Ribbon packing
  • Small beads

You should first pump up all the balloons you have to make a string balloon. At most only one day before the party, you can inflate your balloons not beforehand. Since the air will descend from the awaiting balloon and the beads to be inserted in it will stick. Attach the two-piece balloons you have inflated, from their nodes. Then twist and bind these two pieces into the packing ribbon. You can stop adding new balloons when your string looks long enough for you. During the last step, a half-moon or L-shape balloon string can be hanged on the wall. You can decorate your party wall with this quick hand-crafted birthday decor.


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