How to Make a DIY Felt Ornaments?

How to Make a DIY Felt Ornaments?

Would you like to make something with felt as a hand-crafted gift or would you like to turn your hobby into profit from selling these from home?

We will first give you a birthday decoration idea made of felt for this purpose. Colored felt, scissors, needle, marker, thread, fiber, textile glue are our required materials.

How to Make a Felt Birthday Ornament?

✓ First of all, from the paper, let's create a mold in the shape of number 1.
✓ With a needle, patch the mold you cut so that it doesn't slip while cutting the felt.
✓ Let's cut 2 shapes as in the form of 1. 
✓ Then, on the back of the felt, we add the glue and bind it to the shape.
✓ Iron the pieces.
✓ Let's place two pieces of felt on each other and start sewing from the edge.
✓ Start filling it up with fiber after sewing a little from the edge of the felt.
✓ The felt ornament is ready for our celebration.

How to Make a Felt Pumpkins?

Add color to your home by making decorative pumpkins from felt pieces.


  • Wool felt in shades of orange
  • Brown and green felt
  • Orange embroidery thread
  • Felt needle
  • Scissors
  • Silicone gun
  • Container

Tear off an orange felt piece and tie a knot in the center of it. Close the remaining portions over the knot and use the felt needle to secure it. Soak it in a  bowl of water and dishwashing liquid then roll it. The felt may harden into a circular pattern when you move it in your hand.

To make a substantially bigger circular felt, repeat the same procedure. When it is big enough, with the aid of embroidery thread, create slices of the pumpkins. Take the brown felt for pumpkin stem and the green felt for leaf and attach it with a silicone gun to the top of the pumpkin.

Owl Figure made of Felt

You may use the felt owl for decorating door decorations, for book covers, brooches, and bag decorations in many cases.

It is especially used for accessories for baby rooms. For those who are interested in felt accessories, who want to make different designs for their babies, and those who sell these goodies, there are unique and stunning models.

How to make Felt Owl?

By using felt molds, you can plan several projects. You may prep a simple, cute owl drawing, 13 cm in size, to create an owl from felt. You can also print and draw an owl illustration of any size you like for the owl pattern. The steps you would take are the same as the felt ornament for the birthday decorations.

✓ According to the design, we cut the felt. For the body, we cut two pieces.
✓ Let us just stitch the front part of the body, that is, the felt we cut with the right color for the owl's belly.
✓ Then sew the owl's eyes with the right color material on the upper part of the body.
✓ With 2 buttons, let's sew the pupils.
✓ Use the button to sew the owl's wings onto the body.
✓ Then sew the other wing.
✓ We glue by using hot silicone into the owl's nose. You can sew the nose if you like.
✓ Then, sew the other body to its feet.
✓ Let's leave a gap and fill in the fiber from there when sewing the body.
✓ After the fiber is filled, sew the remaining section.



  • Blue, white, black, beige, orange, fine felt
  • Fiber
  • Marker
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Same color yarn as felts
  • Needle
  • Felt owl pattern
  • Textile glue
  • Crayons

You can make large and small toys with felt material. Balls, dolls, cars, special toys for babies, cubes, whatever you imagine.

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