How To Celebrate Quarantine Birthday For Your Baby

There is no greater party pooper that can surpass the damage brought by a pandemic; COVID19 really pulled all the breaks in this one. From weddings to graduations, to birthdays, everyone has no choice but to cancel the festivities for survival.

In the age of the internet, however, everybody in the world has adapted creatively to compensate for the lack of celebrations. Virtual meetings in these cases have become the greatest asset to fill up this need.

However, as much as it’s convenient, virtual celebrations are also quite difficult to organize. It’s not a walk in the park and it requires a lot of careful attention especially when it comes to timing and execution.

Here are some tips for you to celebrate your baby’s quarantine birthday!


This is the top priority on the list because without it, what is even the point right? Now, choosing the right platform to use is a matter of accessibility to most of your virtual visitors. 

Keep in mind of the following questions:
  1. Maybe most of your visitors’ don’t have any Facebook account. 
  2. Maybe some of them prefer Skype more than anything else. 
  3. Maybe, they like to attend Zoom meetings.

Take your pick! But you just have to make sure that it’s easy to navigate and easy to set up. Here are some tutorial videos that can act as a reference if you’re totally new with virtual meetings.


This is a new feature updated by Facebook and is already gaining a lot of traction especially that there is quite a lot of Facebook users. If you and your virtual visitors often use this application, this is by far the easiest tool to manage especially for older generations that aren't as knowledgeable in tech.


Zoom is the powerhouse for video conferences right now as it is perfect for catering meetings that have a lot of members. This is usually used for online classes as well as corporate meetings. This makes it all the more perfect if you want to host a lot of virtual visitors!


If you're totally not convinced with the previous two platforms then here are other alternatives as well that you might just find interesting and more easy to navigate for you. Remember that when you choose the online platform, you have to make sure that it's highly accessible to all your guests.


The key here is to group your visitors according to your relationship with them. In this way, the conversation will flow smoothly because there is an established common ground. This makes it all the easier to converse and you don’t have to worry about awkward pauses. 

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to group all your family members in one, then your neighbors in another one. Again, the key here is that most of them if not all have a common ground that can build the momentum for easy conversations.


Now that you’ve grouped your guests the next thing to do is prepare the schedule for each meeting with the groups. Make sure that you keep in mind the most convenient time for them and choose weekends as they won’t be preoccupied with their work especially for ones who do home-based jobs. 


If you’re the creative type, this will definitely be up your alley! Electronic invitations are easy to do because there are platforms that provide the design templates you can use. You’ll just have to fill in the details, edit the pictures, and voila! You can send them to your guests now. 

Here are some of the free platforms where you can create your e-nvitations!






The main perks for having a virtual celebration is that you can save a lot by only designing one room! While the space should only be good enough to be seen as your background, you’ll have to carefully choose your decorations in such a way that they’re not overwhelming to look at and are also attractive!

Here are some of the best decor you can integrate.

High Chair With Tutu Banner

High chairs are a must especially that it would be a lot more difficult for you to navigate your in your laptop while also holding your baby. With your little princess on her high chair, it will not only be more pleasing to look at it also saves you from a lot of unprecedented mess! This high chair with a tutu banner will create an illusion of a long skirt for her and will also go well with the unicorn birthday dress!

Purchase this High Chair with Tutu Banner at KidsFunLand

DIY Streamers or Balloon Background

You don't have to always buy new decor, you can also recycle your past streamers and add little touches to make it more suitable! If you're not so sure about this yet here's a video that lists 15 DIY decors you can choose from.


Quarantine Birthday Suit

Spice things up with this cute and perfectly appropriate quarantine birthday baby suit! This might be an odd item at first but you simply have to embrace the fact that in the time of the pandemic, one can have the luxury to celebrate their baby's special day. This baby suit will definitely be perfect for the occasion!

 Purchase this Quarantine Birthday Baby Suit at KidsFunLand
Unicorn Birthday Tutu
If you want instead to make your little kiddo transform into a princess on her special day. Then you can also opt for personalized baby dresses that stand out. In this way, you can ensure that the attention of your guests goes to your little one rather than get distracted by the room decor. Remember, this virtual celebration is for your baby so it's better to invest on her dress to prettify her!

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Last but definitely not the least, is the gift-giving stage! Since it’s your baby’s birthday, it’s only fitting that your guests will send some gifts for your little kid. Etsy shops are one of the best options for this since it’s convenient for both parties. 

Here are some general gift ideas that you and your guests can buy for your baby’s special day.

Minky Blanket

Baby Girl Leg Warmers

Custom Capes

Wooden Name Tag

DIY Craft Kit

It’s a bleak world we’re living right now but it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the simple pleasures in our lives. In fact, it’s quite a privilege to do so in such a time, the important thing here is that we remain mindful of our actions when organizing an event like this.
Remember the reason why you’re celebrating and don’t be too carried away with the preparation process. You just have to keep it sweet and simple!
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