DIY HALLOWEEN CRAFTS: 1O Ways To Create Halloween Bats And Pumpkins

Another year has come for Halloween, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world. If you want to have fun in your home as a new handicraft activity with children/nephews, we have prepared handcrafted Halloween decoration ideas that will make your decoration easier and cost-effective.

Play Dough Halloween Decors

Yes, as you can imagine, they are pretty simple, and you have a lot of options to become creative with these play doughs. You can simply create a pumpkin, tree, and bat figures from colorful play doughs. However, we recommend you use a thick cupboard paper as a base and stick them onto it after they are dried if you want to hang them on your walls. Otherwise, it may cause marks on the surface they are placed.

DIY Cupboard Bats and Pumpkins

DIY ideas are great ideas created using the possibilities at your disposal. Of course, when this is the case, you can combine the possibilities with the imagination and get impressive results. Basically, you need black, orange, and green cardboard material, scissors, and glue. For the eyes of the bats, if you want a quick solution, you also can use markers or white cardboard material in the shape of the eyes.

Also, you can create black pumpkin shapes if you have excess material or just prefer to black as your theme 😊

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