How To Design The Perfect Yet Affordable Nursery For Your Baby
Parents always can’t help but squeal with excitement when it’s now time to design their baby’s nursery. More often than not, they commit amateur mistakes by neglecting to plan carefully on this stage. 

    Everybody has their first time, but designing nurseries needs lots of considerations first before one can go on a shopping spree for the cutest comforter or the most colorful toys. For such a small space dedicated to a small baby, the nursery is a huge responsibility.

    Here is a comprehensive list that will help you create the perfect yet affordable nursery for your baby minus the hassle. 



    Before you decide on the final design you have to first consider the strengths and flaws of the room. Remember, your baby will stay here most of the time and you have to think ahead of what this room will become in the long run.

    If the room feels stuffy, invest in light and warm tones for the paint job. This is based on the psychology of colors study as each color can make the baby feel irritated or calmed. 

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    Use wood finishes on the walls for a secure feel, offset white or beige for a spacious vibe without the sterility of stark white, and powder blue finishes for the floor or walls since it evokes a feeling of lightness. 

    Never use dark tones like red, bright yellow, and black because these will only be an irritant to the baby’s eyes due to the harshness of contrast. However, these can be used only as accents.

    Accent walls are also a great way to play with the design of the room. Just make sure that this will only occupy ⅓ of the room or it will look overwhelming! 

    Another solution to expand the space is by also installing mirrors in the room and applying vertical designs on the walls to give the illusion of a high ceiling. This way, you’ll get added construction costs off the list of expenses.


    If you find yourself having difficulty in deciding the right colors, pick a theme and from there you derive the lightest shades to integrate into the room. The most ideal themes are the ones that are simple and easy on the eyes.


      This is one of the most crucial aspects of planning the layout of the nursery. You have to be thinking for the future especially when your baby grows into a toddler to a little kid and so on. Here are the best space-saving baby items that will help you create a flexible space for the nursery.

      This convertible crib will be great in the long run as it can be expanded into a bed for a toddler and can be later on a full-sized bed for your little kid. Of course, you’ll have to assemble and buy some of the parts in the future but this will not only save you the expenses but also space.

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      Another space saver is a collapsible baby tub that you can flatten and hang on the drying racks when not in use.

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      This is definitely worth your consideration as you can hang this caddy both in the crib or the dresser for extra storage space minus the footprint. Not only that but changing diapers will be much easier with this by your side.
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      Newborns will always be the recipient of numerous gifts which is why it’s always handy to have flexible storage space. This space saver is specially designed for storing toys and other baby items and can act as your good old’ trusty ottoman.
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      If you’re really short on budget, you can always repaint and repurpose old furniture to match the nursery. You just have to make sure that they are still sturdy and free from damages that might be dangerous for your baby. 

      You can also be creative with painting the ceiling like a starry night theme and adding little ornaments. Your baby will always be on their back so why not exert more effort in decorating this part of the room? 


      Last but definitely the most crucial one is that you’ll have to make sure that the room is baby proof. Outlets should be covered with electric masking tapes or located far from their reach. 

      You also have to be careful to use only paint without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which is the common cause of that “new paint smell” that is toxic to breathe in. Most importantly, you’ll have to invest in carpeting and other cushions that can be helpful if your baby will suddenly get a little adventurous outside their crib.

      Designing your baby’s nursery is no easy feat! To recap, always consider the existing space’s advantages and disadvantages, pick a soothing and simple theme, invest in space-saving baby items, and lastly, make it baby proof as possible. You have to be decisive and careful with planning to make it cozy and safe for your little one!

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